Sunday, February 19, 2012

Am I a baking snob?

Ok following situation:

We visit Kaitaia's farmers market every Saturday. It is a social event for us because many friends have stalls. Two weeks ago I saw a new stall selling - Focaccia! Of course I was drawn to it and had to have a look. Well, let me tell you, these "baking goods" are as close to a Focaccia as our supermarket's Croissant are to a French Croissant. No hang on, actually the Supermarket's Croissants are closer. At least they resemble Croissants, they simulate flaky pastry and they have a sort of buttery taste. They follow basic rules. They are bad Croissants but they are still Croissants. But the Focaccia people sell something between a soggy overloaded pizza and a pita bread and call it Focaccia. Sorry, but this isn't Focaccia.

Now a friend who has a stall said last Saturday to me "Have you seen we now have a baker who sells Focaccia!". She was very excited because she knew I bake (she never tried my goods) and she was excited because they have this special Italian delicacy now available. Right.

I didn't know how to react. But unfortunately my face must have told the whole story. She immediately realized what I was thinking and started to bring up excuses etc.

So am I a baking snob? Honestly, it fills me with sadness if people look up a Focaccia recipe in the latest Alison Holst cook (?) book, then stuff it up (which is an achievement by itself) with their "creativity" (there is a Hawaiian Focaccia on offer, too!!! Aaarrghh!) I want to cry!

Yes I am a baking snob. If someone wants to sell Focaccia then I bloody hell expect they do their homework. They should understand what a Focaccia is. And if they don't make a Focaccia by not following the basic rules, then for heavens sake call it something else.

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