Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Foodie Movies

Food52 pubished this List of 21 Movies All Food Enthusiasts Must See on their facebook page. The following discussion on that facebook post listed a lot of movies people thought should be in that list, too. I also watched a couple of movies which are not in the list. So I put together my own list based on what people mentioned in the discussion and movies I watched which weren't in the list.

Title Watched Rating (out of 5)
I am love Y 5
Le Chef Y 5
Today's Special Y 5
Chocolat Y 4
Eat Drink Man Woman Y 4
Big Night Y 3
Ratatouille Y 3
Green Butchers Y 3
Toast Y 3
Chef Y 2
Jiro Dreams of Sushi Y 2
Haute Cuisine Y 2
Julie & Jula Y 2
Hundred Foot Journey Y 2
Soul Kitchen Y 2
Like Water For Chocolate Y 1
The Trip Y 1
The Lunchbox N
Babette's Feast  N
Waitress N
Willy Wona and the Chocolate Factory N
Romantics Anonymous N
Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs N
Spinning Plates N
Bottle Shock N
Spirited Away N
Marie Antoinette N
No Reservations N
MostlyMartha N
Dinner Rush N
Tampopo N
Tortilla Soup N
Simply Irresistable N
Who Is Killing the Great Chefs of Europe? N
A Matter of taste N
The Ramen Girl N
Finding Gaston N
Three Stars (Drei Sterne) N
Papadopoulos & Sons N

Do you know of any movies which should be added to that list? 

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